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A 64-bit backwards-compatible RM Basic interpreter for Windows and Linux.

RM BASICx64 is a tribute project and is in no way linked to or endorsed by RM plc.

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It’s a what now?

RM BASICx64 is a re-implementation the RM Basic language developed by Research Machines in 1984 for the RM Nimbus PC-186. RM BASICx64 looks and behaves like the original, but under the hood it takes full advantage of modern computer architectures by supporting 64 bit floating point numbers, extremely deep expression evaluation, and vast amounts of workspace memory.

Project status

Roughly half of the original language specification is implemented. The code has not been hardened so may crash unexpectedly or produce strange errors. Before rushing to install please see the release notes to manage your expectations.

Get it now

Download the installer - 6.2Mb (Windows only)

or build from source (Windows or Linux)

Then try the Quick start guide


RM BASICx64 running on Windows 10 RM BASICx64 running on Windows 10

Editing a program Editing a program

Greetings Using big fonts to say hello

Mandelbrot Set The Mandelbrot Set


RM BASICx64 was written in Go by Tim Adams, leaning heavily on the ebiten game engine, and borrowing with merry abandon from Writing An Interpreter in Go by Thorsten Ball. The language has been re-implemented according to available documentation but does not re-use any of the original code of RM Basic.

This website was written by Tim Adams using Just the Docs.

Contact me on github, linkedin or twitter.


RM BASICx64 is distributed with an Apache 2.0 license.